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About Us

About TFAB

The Family Advisory Board (TFAB) is a firm specialized in addressing the specific needs of business families through continuous strategic advice.

Our purpose is to facilitate the implementation or improvement of an effective governance system for business families to improve the management of business, socio-emotional and family legacy assets.

The society of change in which business families carry out their work demands a greater perimeter of strategic vision to identify opportunities and threats in the environment and transformation capacity to adapt to these new scenarios. Throughout all these processes The Family Advisory Board (TFAB) becomes a short, medium and long term strategic partner for business families.

The long experience in these areas of our founding team has allowed us to build a unique project with a range of services that are tailored to the specific needs of each business family. Because we know that no two families are the same.

Our ultimate purpose is to help business families realize the dreams of their founders: cohesive families around business projects that grow steadily and have solid shared values ​​over generations.

Our value framework directs our way of leading and managing our organization and the way we behave with different stakeholders including our clients:

Why are we different?

TFAB brings together professionals of recognized prestige and solvency in advising family businesses from very different sources (government, legal, transformation, leadership) that converge in our value proposition: helping business families in their goal of transgenerational continuity

We are a firm specialized in the creation of effective governance systems for business families from which to design and control the implementation of strategic family and business programs that address key issues of short, medium and long term

We facilitate the achievement of fundamental objectives for the continuity of the business family, such as the profitable growth of their businesses and the management of family cohesion.

We approach the task with a global and holistic vision and a multidisciplinary approach

We work to ensure the necessary strategic alignment between the members of the corporate family and, at corporate level, with the professionals who are part of government bodies and steering committees

We empower the leadership skills of key people in the governance and direction of families and businesses

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